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Bienvenue, and welcome to the "Sondro Gomez: A Wonderworld Story" demo page!


Created by Shane 'Sparks' with his helpful "Cellar Chateaux" team, "Sondro Gomez" is the first phase of the long-term "Wonderworld Project" series of games, which currently includes "Sondro Gomez" and "Kyle & Lucy: Wonderworld," with the former being a prequel to the latter. "Sondro Gomez" is a mini-project, designed to give audiences something to play while "Kyle & Lucy" is being worked on.


In this story, you play as Sondro Gomez, a local living on his own in Sunova near the Brass Valley, who has found himself in a bit of a predicament; his dreams of starting a career as a musician have gone financially awry...


He is now in debt to the Masked Man, the realtor of his home, who is fed up with Sondro's lack of payments. The Masked Man, however, has made a bargain with Sondro; if Sondro can retrieve all of the Mystic Orbs remaining in the area, he'll waive the interest on Sondro's debt. Sondro's only challenge however, is the cast of characters in Sunova that also wish to get their hands on the magical Mystic Orbs.



For now, you can play the demo and see what "Sondro Gomez," and what the greater "Wonderworld Project" is all about!


"Sondro Gomez: A Wonderworld Story" is now playable in both English and Portuguese!

"Sondro Gomez: A Wonderworld Story" © Shane "Sparks" L.



Project Head & Manager:


Shane "Sparks" L.


Lead Programmer:




Art Director and Character Design Assistance:


Mauro "The KKM" Fonseca


Sprite Assistance:




Mauro "The KKM" Fonseca




Music and Sound Effects:


Big Fat Dynamo





Special Thanks:


Leila R. Wilson [Woofle]


Simon "Stealth" Thomley (Headcannon)




Fábio Fontes